Кровельная мембрана

На кровле всегда найдется такое место, которое необходимо отремонтировать или заменить. Одним из наиболее сложных покрытий считается гонтовая кровля с уклоном. В результате нанесения гидроизоляционного герметика образуется полностью приклеивающаяся бесшовная мембрана.

Кровельная мембрана


Используемые продукты

  • Гидроизоляционный герметик
  • Лента для швов
  • Гео-текстиль
  • Гладкий герметик

Анализ конкретного случая

  • Гидроизоляция навеса с балконом

Руководство по нанесению

  • Руководство по нанесению гидроизоляционного герметика
  • Руководство по применению Ленты для швов

Data Sheets & MSDS

How Does SealRoof Work?

SealRoof products consist of either elastomeric modified bitumen or acrylic emulsions that are combined with polymers that marry traditional waterproofing materials with modern polymer technology to enhance these waterproofing and protection properties.

The resulting SealRoof products deliver following features:

Once applied, the SealRoof coatings form a seamless membrane with excellent adhesion that completely seals the roof substrate to prevent water penetration. As with most Liquid Rubber products, they can withstand freeze/thaw cycles that permit efficient and cost effective shipping during winter months while the season can be extended using Liquid Rubber’s Sub-Zero additive that allows SealRoof products to be applied at -5C

The exceptional adhesion and elasticity properties of the SealRoof bitumen based products magnify the water resistance and flexibility of the membrane to deliver an ideal roof restoration solution. These products can be used on almost any roof substrate for both flat and sloped roofs.

The acrylic based Color SealRoof products have outstanding solar reflective properties for better energy savings and desired aesthetics. These products can handle intermittent ponding water.

Liquid Rubber SealRoof solutions provide safe, cost effective waterproofing and corrosion protection for all roofing structures including:

How Is SealRoof Applied?

SealRoof products are cold applied as a liquid at ambient temperatures ranging from -5C to +35C and cure to form a fully adhered, seamless and flexible membrane. All SealRoof products can be applied to the surface using a sprayer, brush or roller that will result in a 40 mil to 120 mil dried coating, depending on the application. SealRoof B-200 can be applied to produce an “instant-set” membrane that is ideal for building thickness in one application on any surface.

Unlike other conventional waterproofing or protective coatings, the application benefits reduce labor costs and increase worker safety.

Liquid Rubber SealRoof products provide long term waterproofing where temperatures vary from -40C to 80C. In addition to superior waterproofing and corrosion protection, SealRoof products provide contractors flexibility in application, including instant-setting spray application that can be applied at below freezing temperatures.

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